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Fishing the Youghiogheny River, Allegheny River, and other Pennsylvania Waters.
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Fishing Report

  • 10-31-16 Yough River Water levels are low with some leaves. Fishing in October was fair with a few nice smallmouth being caught.
    9-04-16 Yough River
    Water levels are normal for this time of year. The fishing has been sporadic but smallies are being caught in the 12-15 inch range.
    8-20-16 Yough River
    Water levels have been up and down. The fishing has been good the entire month of August with many types of lures being used to catch them.
    7-28-16 Yough River
    ish are being caught with a variety of lure though out the river.
    7-14-16 Yough River
    arly morning and early evening have been producing best. Mid day bite is on and off
    7-05-16 Yough River
    The fishing has been pretty good with nice catches of smallies numbers as well.
    6-20-16 Yough River
    he water has been stained a bit for a week or so smallies are hitting but catches have been low.
    6-05-16 Yough River
    ater has been high and stained scattered catches of smallies with a soft bite.
    5-21-16 Erie
    Plenty of action in the bay for both Largemouth and Smallmouth
    5-18-16 Yough
    The river has been high for a while but still fishable. sporatic catches of smallies.
    5-08-16 Erie
    Smallies are starting to filter into the bay
    5-01-16 Allegheny River
    River is a little high smallies are hitting
    4-28-16 Yough River
    Fish are spawning
    4-20-16 Allegheny River
    Levels are good with smallies being caught
    4-18-16 Yough River
    Levels are low few smallies being caught but slow due to the upcoming spawn.
    4-07-16 Yough River
    Water temps have gone down but the fish are still hitting nice catches of smallies and a few nice Walleye.
    3-30-16 Allegheny River
    The river was stained and up a bit and 46 degrees. I had a chance to guide Steelers OT Alejandro Villanueva for a day of fishing. The bite slowed down from the last time out with rain staining the water. We managed to catch fish on and off using 412ubes from 412 Bait Company using a dead stick presentation. It was his first time on the Allegheny River and he was happy with the fish landing 25 total the biggest was 18 inches. GO STEELERS
    3-26-16 Allegheny River
     The river was low and clear 48 degrees. The smallies were hitting close to the bank we used 412ubes and Skirted Jigs with a Small Jaw Craw Trailer from 412 Bait Company. The bite was slow at first but as the sun heated up the river they began to hit hard. We moved into some current and caught some nice fish swimming the Jig just off the bottom. The fish were all very healthy looking the biggest going 20 inches.
    3-24-16 Yough River Water levels are low for this time of year catches have been low for Bass but the one's that are caught are very nice sized and healthy fish.
    Yough River water levels are up after recent rain still catching fish the sheephead bite has picked up as well.
    3-11-16 Yough River
    water levels are low for late winter. Smallie fishing is sporatic with some days producing some nice fish.
    3-05-16 Yough River
    water levels are steady with temps on the rise the prespawn should start soon.
    1-28-16 Yough River
    Most of the river is locked up with ice there are a few spots open but they are far and few. One spot that is open is at the Dam spillway.
    1-03-16 Yough River
    the water lvls are steady cold temperature have the water at 38-36 degrees, fishing is slow few caught 13-14 inch range.


    The Youghiogheny rises in northern West Virginia, in Preston County southeast of the town of Kingwood and near Backbone Mountain. The headwaters are approximately 10 mi (16 km) north of the headwaters of the North Branch of the Potomac River. It flows NNE into Garrett County, Maryland, flowing north past Oakland and roughly parallel to the West Virginia border, separated by approximately 3 mi (5 km). This river enters southwestern Pennsylvania on the border between Fayette and Somerset counties. It flows northwest through a gap in Chestnut Ridge and then past Connellsville. It joins the Monongahela River from the southeast at McKeesport, southeast of Pittsburgh.

    Environmental Concerns

     There are many environmental Concerns in Western Pa for our rivers and streams here are a few of them.
    Didymo has been found in the Youghiogheny River please take precautions not to spread this. Take the time to clean all your gear with bleach using warm water.

    Acid Mine Drainage

    Acid mine drainage is still a major problem in our rivers and streams. There are a lot of organizations that have helped to improve the streams and rivers in our area. Here are a few links to find information about acid mine drainage.

    Hydraulic Fracturing

    It is not completely understood what the effects on the environment that Hydraulic Fracturing is having. We can be sure that it is and will continue to effect the rivers here in P.A.



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