Growing up we fished the Youghiogheny River and its tributaries for Smallmouth Bass. As we got older, we continued to chase them on the Yough, but also began fishing the Allegheny River and its tributaries. Always looking for new rivers and streams to fish. Now in our middle ages we continue to search for new places. Including lakes and reservoirs for smallies. We have fished most of the bigger rivers west of the Susquehanna River, catching bronze in all of them. We continue to see if we can catch these fish all year round in rivers and streams. Most of our fishing is done by floating, wading, and jet boat. We will continue to target these jumping bronze in the years to come. We wish you great fishing success and hope that this page can help you get in on the great smallie fishing we have here in PA.

Pro staff Smallies on the Yough

Smallies on the Yough



Ron "Pete" Cartwright

(Owner / Wade Guide)
Since he was a little boy, Pete's been fishing any time he gets the chance. In his teens, he started to learn to fish from anyone who would show him, and credits his fishing success to all the people who took the time to teach him. He has targeted most of the fish that swim in Pennsylvania, but his passion is smallmouth bass. He has won many awards, and has had articles written about his smallmouth bass fishing. With impressive catching techniques learned from others, and ones learned through a ton of time on the water, he has caught thousands of big smallies all over PA. Averaging 100+ year-round fishing days chasing those big bronze in all conditions has given him the level of expertise that makes him the local authority on smallmouth bass


Mike Schiffbauer

(Jet Boat Guide)

Mike grew up fishing the lakes around Fayette and Somerset counties for any species that was biting.  In 2009 that all changed when he caught his first Muskie on a guided trip on the Yough.  Bitten by the river bug, he acquired a jet boat and started fishing the river for Muskie, Walleye and Smallmouth.   Mike likes to cover a lot of water and enjoys the challenge of reading the river under different conditions.  Mike started seriously targeting smallies in the spring of 2013 and has racked up several 20's in a short amount of time. 

Mike Lapkowicz

 A versatile fisherman that has caught many species swimming in the river, along with Steelhead and Salmon in the great lakes. Known to catch the big one, Mike has won several awards for his catches including Berkley Big Fish. He now chases the big bronze here in Western P.A. and his catches are impressive, landing many 20+ Inch Smallmouth every year. He continues to push the limits, fishing in any type of water and weather conditions to catch the BIG ONE.

Gary Picketts

 Gary has been fishing lakes, rivers, and streams since he was a child. He has lived near the Yough his whole life. He has taken advantage of the river with impressive catches of multi species in the river. Being an avid Bass fisherman he can catch bass any where they swim Largemouth and Smallmouth in any type of water. He has a lot of Big Largemouth and Smallmouth on file including 7+lbers. He continues to look for the best ways and the uses the newest techniques to catch those big bass anywhere in Pennsylvania.

 Russell Johnson
(Kayak Tournament Angler)

 Russell has been fishing since he was 2 years old. He would always fish with his grandfather and father on the Yough. Growing up in Whitsett, PA and being right next to the river, he has always found fishing enjoyable and part of life. Russell enjoys fishing any lake, river, or stream. He has fished every chance he could get, from an aircraft carrier during his U.S. navy enlistment, too his favorite canoeing/kayaking the yough river.
With multiple 100 fish days, he still finds beauty in every fish and enjoys watching them swim away to fight another day.

   Shawn Kmetko 


 A veteran Smallmouth Angler that has been fishing rivers and streams since the early 1990's. He has more 20in + fish on file than you can count. He is a scout that has fished and found most of the smallmouth fisheries here in Western P.A.. He has caught smallies with every type of lure that you can think of and continues to do so.



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